Upgrading a room floor with self adhesive Vinyl floor Planks with the help of Hydraulic car jack

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Picture of Upgrading a room floor  with  self adhesive Vinyl  floor Planks with the help of Hydraulic car jack
Thank you very much for posting this fix and improve contest which made us  to do our guest room so quickly.We  have been postponing this for the last two years and finally done with it.If not for this contest  I guess we wouldn't have done it this summer too.
Here is my next  Instructables...... as how to do vinyl flooring.
I measured the length and width of the room and multiplied the two to get my square meters.
I am posting with loads of pictures ,so that looking at the photographs alone every one  can understand very well.
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Step 1: Requirements.

Picture of Requirements.
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IMG_4748 (800x533).jpg
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Vinyl self adhesive Floor Planks
 wood wax
Vacuum cleaner
Furniture moving rollers
Mopping cloth
Pen knife
Car jack
Basic hand tools

Step 2: View of the prevoius flooring

Picture of View of the prevoius flooring
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8 (800x533).jpg
We have used this carpet for almost 9 years now.It was high time to change it.Due to lack of time it  was getting postponed every summer. No sooner the fix and improve contest came up,I decided that I must do it now or never.This kicked me off to do it as quickly  as possible. We were not happy with carpet because the room is small and not used all the time.Dust is very friendly with the carpets,so that was out.Laminate is too cold even in Autumn weather and noisy..We wanted self Adhesive vinyl  floor Planks which is easy to lay out and looks just like  wood flooring.Off we went on a Saturday morning with the floor measurement..
We were lucky to find the natural colour vinyl planks.
Since this old  carpet was not pasted ,every time we opened the windows for fresh air,it puffed up and never became even.It looked really  awful.The colour was also  irritating me all the time.

Step 3: Remove appliances.

Picture of Remove appliances.
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My husband  and I emptied  some of the stuffs in the room.The heavy furnitures were not taken out.(bed,computer table and cupboard)

Step 4: Remove old flooring

Picture of Remove old flooring
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Removing the old carpet was not that easy as we thought,because  in some places the sponge coating  underneath the carpet had got pasted on to the floor. With a scraper we  had to scratch that away.Then we used turpentine to clean up the floor.
mole12 years ago
Wow! I didn't even know the stuff existed... and your result is beautiful!
That is beautifully done! Floor much improved :D
shazni2 years ago
Looks lovely and very neatly done! congrats on making the fix and improve finalist...hope you win :-)
Izz172 years ago
thank you.. its a very helpful DIY tip :)
I never would have thought to use the car jack! thanks for the tip
shahanak2 years ago
Very well done! the floor looks beautiful
xpat732 years ago
Using a car jack to lift the bed is a great idea.Thanks for posting this as I am also going to do my room,and use the car jack.
tanser12 years ago
Thanx for the very helpful ible, Th new flooring is gorgeous! Genius with the wood wax-what a difference.
786Ayesha (author)  tanser12 years ago
Thankyou.This Flooring is cheap, Easy to clean and Looks like reall Wood.