This was a recent project for a friend of my brother. Unfortunately I forgot to document the old, ragged, beat-up fabric that the settee arrived in. You can use these instructions for other upholstery projects as well. Make sure you have a digital camera ready, and take pictures of all major steps of unassemblying the furniture. This will be your guide to put it back together.

Step 1: Remove Old Fabric

Usually there is some sheer fabric stapled on he underside of the furniture. Start by removing this first. Then remove the paper strips and welting at the bottom of the piece. This picture shows the corner, which is the most critical part of the structure. There is a grove beneath the welting and it is glued there. The reglueing will come much alter, but I don't have a better picture, so take note.
The best way to stretch fabric when you're stapling it on is to start from the center and work to the outside; this will make it much less likely to have ripples.<br/><br/>Also... just a note: for people who have not done any upholstery before, START SIMPLE. Find some easy project (follow the basic steps of this instructable, but do it with something more like <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Re-upholster-an-old-chair-with-a-T-shirt/">This</a>)<br/>

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