Upholster an Ottoman With a Vintage Plaid Skirt





Introduction: Upholster an Ottoman With a Vintage Plaid Skirt

For about $3.99 plus the cost of iron-on interfacing I reupholstered this oval ottoman (which I built and upholstered in the red fabric years ago) with a snazzy, big plaid pleated skirt from Goodwill.
After removing the waistband, the pleated skirt flattened out and became a huge piece of fabric.

Step 1:

Find an ottoman you want to reupholster that isn't too complicated.

Step 2:

Make a pattern from the old upholstery pieces. Cut off waistband from big, pleated skirt, press fabric, iron on interfacing to stabilize apparel fabric and cut out pattern pieces.

Step 3:

Prepare side piece and top piece to sew together, matching plaids. (difficult)

Step 4:

After cover is sewn, carefully adjust the cover and pull it down over the ottoman. Begin stapling in place by starting on one of the longer sides. With firm smoothing and pulling, add three staples in the center of one side. Move to the opposite side and do the same. Now go to the two ends and do the same. Once the cover is anchored down with all plaids matched and in the right place, begin smoothing the fabric around the oval ottoman to "ease" in any excess fabric so that the bottom edge is smooth and free of gathers. "Easing" is smoothing and spreading out excess fabric in a given measurement so you don't have gathers or pleats.

Step 5:

To update the clunky wooden legs, stain a sleek set of tapered and angled legs to make this oval ottoman mid-century worthy.

Step 6:

Wow! This looks good.



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    Great job! I just watch the last 2 projects destroy 2 mid century pices, but now I feel better after seen such a wonderful job, I pick up last saturday a very nice 50's chair and you know what you just inspired me to do the upholstery my self, thank you!!

    really nice!!!! ok, i'd probably choose another fabric pattern, but still, you did fantastic job.! i just love those ottomans!!

    It's mod, hip and really plaid. Plus its made from an old skirt from Goodwill-you gotta love it!! :)

     I totally dig this! I love the chunky plaid and retro legs. Great instructions!

    Thanks. I really love how it turned out. I sold it on Etsy to a lady who lives Salem, Mass. I need to make more.
    shelly leer

     Where did you purchase the tapered legs? I have such a hard time finding them!