For Christmas I decided to make my sister a cover for her iPad. Ever since she got her iPad she’s fallen in love with it, so I knew that a custom case would be just the perfect present! I made a pattern for myself based off of a business-style envelope, with the double-button, twisted string closure (that’s the technical name for it, I’m sure.) The lining is a padded, quilted fabric and I’ve sewn a stiff board into the back panel for the screen to lie against so it doesn’t crack.

Ironically enough I don’t have an iPad, so I had to make myself a cardboard version in the exact same dimensions to make sure it fit perfectly! I’d say it all worked out in the end, and she was thrilled with it.

I'm here to teach you how to make your very own protective and stylish case for yourself or an fellow iPad lover!

Step 1: Materials

To make your own custom upholstered iPad case, here are the materials you will need:

-iPad (either real or fake. I made a cardboard iPad since I don't own one myself! You can find all of those dimensions here if you want to make your own. Heck, maybe you can even make it play Angry Birds if you made a dry-erase version!)

-iPad-sized square of heavy-duty cardboard
-½ yard of fabric for outer shell
-½ yard of padded fabric for lining
-one package of piping (2.5 yards)
-one foot of cord/ribbon/rope
-two shanked buttons

-hand needle
-sewing machine
<p>Really like this. Love the piping.</p>
<p>I am really happy with this instructable, made a gorgeous iPad sleeve last Sunday, thank you very much! </p>
That is really cute! I'm not sure I know how to sew the center flaps together with a sewing machine. How do you get it in the sewing machine to sew it?
There's lots of wiggling that happens to get just that layer under the machine. You can also sew it by hand if it's too complicated to get just the center flaps under the needle without sewing it to the back of the case.

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