Upload Photos to Instagram From Chrome and Firefox Browsers


Introduction: Upload Photos to Instagram From Chrome and Firefox Browsers

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Instagram is one of the best social networking sites, People spend a lot of time these days on Instagram , Instagram can be used from mobile apps. And Instagram supports Android and iOS mobile apps. Now in this tutorial, I will Show you how you can post the Instagram form your Chrome Browser and Firefox.

Step 1: Open Your Chrome Browser

Open the Chrome Browser on your Windows Computer or Mac Computer.

Step 2: Goto Instagram Official Website

Open the Instagram official website in your Chrome Browser.

Step 3: Now Open Mobile Testing Tool on Chrome Browser

You need to open the mobile testing tool on your Chrome browser. For that follow these simple steps.

  • Right Click on Chrome Browser
  • Select Inspect Element
  • Now Click on Device Toggle Bar. (Present at Upper Left corner of the Inspect tab).

You can also open the Mobile Testing Tool with one Simple Shortcut:


Step 4: Select Your Favorite Mobile and Post

Select the big screen mobile version for best viewing. As shown in the image.

And login into your account now. And post images to Instagram from your Chrome Browser!!!!.

Source and Images: TechnoLotal.org



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    Works perfect on FireFox, i didn't knew this, is amazing!!!... Thanks for sharing!!!


    Do you have plans to make the reference to "Firefox" in the title of this Instructable relevant? If not, would it be possible for you to remove it so that this Instructable will no longer appear in search results when people search for a way to upload photos to Instagram from the Firefox (and not just Chrome) browser?

    1 reply

    Actually, the instructions work exactly the same for Firefox. Granted the content should be edited to say so.

    You are Welcome Swangsong :-)