These pallet gardens are leaning up against the fence in my little urban backyard. I use the inside space in between the 2x4's and staple gardening fabric to the wood to create an almost hidden, rustic-looking planter to my outside space.

I use the hashtag #suburbangardening on Instagram to make the garden sound cooler than it is, but the reality is that I live in an urban area with a "normal" sized backyard for the area.

I learned so many things on how to make these gardens, and one of the things I most proud of is that my children are able to eat food that their mom grew herself and look at the flowers with their help, as they like to water the plants with me and occasionally take interest in what's growing.

In the first step of this instructable, I go over my average-urban backyard, and the plants we choose to grow. I am by no-means a farmer, but I do consider gardening one of my hobbies, and many others on Instructables, I'm a real person just sharing my knowledge with the world.

I hope this Instructable helps somebody else feel like they can grow food in their back yard.

Step 1: My Backyard & Experience

I'm your typical urban gardener.

We live in a sprawling City of just over 500,000 people in California, and have a backyard that's about a 60-ft x 20-ft area.

We have children and dogs, so most of the yard has sod, a small swing set, and a 10-ft x 10-ft gazebo with a table to eat at when we can.

My planters include a pre-existing area where I've planted tomatoes in years past, shown in two photos. We have a dwarf peach tree, and we put in a raised garden bed where we grow strawberries, carrots, and pumpkins. We're trying watermelons this year in a raised planter, and have a blackberry bush that we eat the blackberries off as soon as they can be harvested.

Last year I tried my hand at container gardening cherry tomatoes. It was successful, but we didn't need as many tomatoes as we got, and we're only planning on container gardening three cherry tomato plants this year.

I've never used a pallet to garden before, but that didn't stop me from trying it this year. We've planned the garden since last year, and my mom-in-law was generous enough to keep old pallets in her backyard until I was able to use them.

As a family, we decided to grow zucchini. I've been successful at growing them before and know they can be grown in containers. However, I learned after we planted them that they probably need more soil space than I gave them, and I will ensure to update this instructable with the final products.

<p>I believe you will find that the zucchini plant will greatly outgrow your small growing area as the plant will continue to grow as it puts on fruit throughout its growing season. I bet you'll find that the plants will get so big that they will actually fall out of your pallet container even before they start producing. I grow zucchini every year in a conventional garden and they need lots of space to sprawl out. If you want to grow one in a container, you might try growing one in a very large tub, maybe like an old wash tub which would give you that rustic look, or even a half whiskey barrel.</p>

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