What can you do with an abandoned old crib and some empty milk jugs?   Probably lots of stuff, but I decided to make a planter for some of my tomatoe plants.  This instructable takes one side of a crib and turns it into a mountable upside down milk jug planter.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

What I used:

Jig Saw
Circular Saw
drill bit to predrill holes
Utility knife
safety glasses

small wood screws
4 milk jugs
side of a crib
scrap 1x8 board
I'm assuming the Moosehead beer is MANDATORY and the other stuff is all optional. <br><br>-Jeeem-
haha... Preeeeeeeeeecisely.
I would be concerned about the deterioration of the milk jugs. Do you paint them? They don't last too long when exposed to UV light! Other than that, it is a great idea.
you could paint them or cover them some how, but around our house there seems to be a weekly supply of them. after a season, i toss the dirt/soil into the compost pile, and the milk jugs into the recycling bin with the intention of reusing another batch in the spring. <br> <br>cheers, and thanks for viewing
I worked all spring on a viable container for my &quot;upside down&quot; tomato plants. I had seen people us old 2 and 3 L soda bottles, but I never thought of using an old milk jug. Good Idea on this one. One thing you could do is just fill the jug full of dirt and plant the seed on the top, then when it was large enough, just flip it over and make a hole for the water. A smaller hole in the top would mean less water loss. Top marks for this one.
nice idea. You do have to hope that your seedling behaves and grows into a nice plant, but with some luck that would work. I did keep the bottoms i cut off and placed them back on the tops to cover the exposed dirt, allowing air in but hopefully helping prevent any additional evaporation.

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