Introduction: Upside Down Screen on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

today I am going to show you how to turn your screen upside down on a Mac OS X Snow Leopard. you can play pranks on your friends (or enemies) using this trick.

Step 1: Step 1.

1.Hold Command And Option at the same time, while Still Holding These Keys, Go To system preferences.

Step 2: Step 2.

Keep holding these keys and Click on display settings.

Step 3: Step 3.

Now you are here. There will be a box that says standard. Click on it. Choose which ever rotation you like.

Step 4: Step 4.

Now you may use this trick/prank on whom ever you wish. Thanks!


IgorG2 (author)2016-07-12

This doesn't work well. My external display (Dell) is still upside down, even with 270 degrees rotation. How do I flip it??

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