So what could top an Instructables holiday meal but an Upside-down Pineapple RoboCake? Make individual serving size cakes to enjoy when winding down for a special treat after the guests have gone or just make one big family size one to share with everyone.

Traditionally, upside down cakes are made in a cast iron pan. Since we want a special shape, you will need to break out your Instructables Robot Robo-form which will mold the cake. You can also make this with the Hello Kitty form which would be purrr-fect for your feline fanatics.

Step 1: Get Ready...

Since you spent all day preparing the other parts of the meal for your guests, dessert should be quick and easy. I will take the shortcut here and use prepared ingredients but if you had the time and inclination, please make everything from scratch.

You will need:

- Box of cake mix (any kind, white, yellow, sponge, chocolate, marble, etc.)

- Can of sliced pineapples in syrup ( you can substitute any kind of sliced fruit, canned or fresh)

- A couple of pats of butter

- A bit of brown sugar, any kind of regular sugar will work if brown sugar is not in the cupboard. You will have a richer color and flavor if brown sugar is used.

- Robo-form "pan" (Robo-form with an aluminum foil bottom)

- Heavy cookie sheet or cast iron pan to fit your Robo-form

Don't have an Instructables Robot Robo-form or Hello Kitty-form, make one:

small custom forms
larger custom cake pans.
This looks interesting :) I'll have to try this
I love this it was amazing how do you think of all these robot things
That looks awesome! Everything is better when it's robot shaped. Nice job.
Great work! as always. robot cake NOM NOM NOM NOM....
Wow. The amount of robot things you have made staggers my mind. Great job.
The Instructables Robot is quite versatile. So is a blank sheet of paper.

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