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Here's a quick simple pattern for making glasses that turn your vision upside down. Although this could be cut by hand, it'd be nearly impossible. All of this was designed for the Instructables laser cutter. The only things you need for materials are 4-40 machine screws, standard washers, and 4-40 nuts, four of each. You'll also need a piece of mirrored plexiglass.

Step 1: Download and Laserize

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If you just want to get yourself a pair of perspective flipping goggles, all you have to do is download the file, arrange the parts to be cut (being sure to include two earpieces, they're identical, you know) and laser cut yourself a pair (mirror side down on the plastic, please.) It's pretty simple.

What those of you without laser cutters (poor souls that you are) may take away is this cool construction method I learned from puzzle maker Lee Krasnow. I measured my screws, nuts, and washers, and modeled them simply in cad. I measured the width of my plexiglass. Knowing those dimensions, I could make some tabs in the design. When the design is put together, the tabs keep the different panels aligned and square to one another. the screws fit down through the holes, and connect with the nuts in the adjacent panel. The nuts are held fixed by their tight fitting in the plastic. Putting these together is a breeze, really.

Step 2: See?

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These are just a fancy version of holding a mirror underneath your eyes and looking down into it. The effect is pretty cool, but the design could use a little more tweaking to be perfect.

I went through a lot of revisions in the design, testing and prototyping the model before reaching a final product. The laser cutter made it easy to test new revisions on the spot.

Step 3: Cool.

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Nes pas?


patriots8888 (author)2011-06-12

(: ǝsǝɥʇ
ɟo ǝuo ʇuɐʍ ı ¡ןooɔ

woah what happened to my coment….

DeveloperL (author)patriots88882017-02-19


that text you made was incorrect.

This does not rotate 180° on the Z axis. Instead, it would invert

your Y scale from 1 to -1.

This being said, you would have to have the text in correct order, but upside down.

(For example: '¡ןooɔ' would be 'cool¡')

DmitriyHoh (author)2014-01-30

Nice job but a lot of extra light into your eyes and very

small field of view.

Among scientists this device is named invertoscope.

Check this site out it is preety cool: Upside Down Exclamation Point

Adum24 (author)2011-09-24

Woah, the glassses are, like, upside down or something! ;) (JK LOL)

Cyberscann54 (author)2011-06-11

found the real deal for $30 at

Cr4zy_Dud3_0n_F1r3 (author)2011-06-10

Cool, saw something like this on Bones today, fascinating.

HisDivineShadow (author)2009-10-11

What is the point of removing vids?
it ticks me off...

old_bass_masta (author)2008-02-24

wear them constantly for 3 days and your vision will correct it by flippin it over

ok i made and have been wearing for three days (much to my teachers delight) and my vision has not flipped over. you are a LIAR! LOL

Meie (author)duck-lemon2009-04-26

yeah, i did it too :p and it didn't flip over as well :(

heh, maybe you are just weird! jks jks man. My dad told me that one. and some people's vision flipped

bujo0 (author)old_bass_masta2008-09-07

ya, if you were them constantly, like never take them off, for long enough your mind will flip the image in your head and you'll see normal. then when you take them off, everything will be upside down until your brain resets it. they did this as a psych experiment once. i wish i had a laser cutter to make a pair and try it myself

old_bass_masta (author)bujo02008-09-07

if iwanted them id use my uncle's plasma cutter. i love it!

Meie (author)2009-04-23

check my painting i made with the glasses:

(btw, after some research, i found out its waaaay better to use some prisms from binoculars, much more sight and you don;t have to look down)

T3h_Muffinator (author)2007-12-18

Haha! Cool! Awesome attempt, Eric! You were so close! I'm just curious - where does one go to get acrylic sheets/ mirrored acrylic sheets? (Other than the Instructables Supply Shelf....)

prank (author)T3h_Muffinator2008-01-27 it's called reflective acrylic or mirror-backed acrylic. Something like that.

nagutron (author)2007-12-18

i think someone with a steady hand could cut these out with a small saw. You don't need all the tabs and grooves; they could just glue them together with the right angles. You might also try uploading the design to Ponoko; then people can just order them directly, from there...

Bubjo (author)nagutron2008-01-15

I cannot open the pdf file with instructions. I see you did it. Can you email me the instructions as attachement? Thanks in advance. Bub

zachninme (author)2007-12-29

Cool! Although, I think your french needs a bit of work, n'est-ce pas? ;-) Have you tried wearing them for extended periods? That sounds fun...

ryanzxc (author)2007-12-19

Good instructable. It reminds me of a pseudo scope. it inverts the image so the right eye sees what the left eyes sees and vise versa. It severely messes with you depth perception. Both are cool demonstrations of the brain's interpretation of vision.

bofthem (author)ryanzxc2007-12-24

I'd love to do a series of perception bending tricks.

rickharris (author)2007-12-19

better still wear them for a while - Psychological experiments show that after a while your brain does an invert of the image so you see properly. When you take them off for a while your vision is inverted until your brain re converts to normal - thus showing that vision takes place in the brain not the eye.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-18

lol, cool and funny looking! haha

Patrik (author)2007-12-18

Heh - pretty goofy. :-D You could also get the same effect with a set of (heavy) lenses. If you want to maintain the proper line of vision, you can rig up a similar set of glasses with three reflections, using a mirrored V suspended above a horizontal mirror. If you want to switch left-right instead of top-bottom (i.e. view the world in mirror image), you could rotate the entire light path for each eye, such that the mirrored V is now oriented vertically. You could also switch the left and right eye. As you've discovered, most of these designs will only allow a fairly narrow field of vision, and/or get very bulky. For a wider field of vision and even greater flexibility in visual distortions, get a set of VR glasses and 2 webcams...

ac1D (author)2007-12-18

Look cool! Can you add a video of the result ?

Brennn10 (author)2007-12-18

Wow, these are great! Nice job!

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