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The idea of paint shopping just sends chills down my spine. In order to get rid of the hassle of paint shopping i came up with a device that reads and displays the RGB value of the color scanned. That way color shopping is no longer looking at paint sample cards but instead looking at the color actually being used.  

This instructable will teach you how to make and use "Ur Choice".

"Ur Choice" is a device that detects the RGB value of a particular color and displays it on a LCD Screen. The information given can be used in different life situations such as matching or finding colors for jobs such as painting. The uses of this product are not limited so please don't limit yourselves.  
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Step 1: Materials

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The following materials is what is needed to build "Ur Choice": First you will need a  TCS3200-DB Color Sensor, db expander, a switch, and a Parallax 2x16 Serial LCD, 3 pin expander, and a soldering iron a basic stamp Home work Board and a roll 22 gauge wire.

Materials you must order: TCS3200-DB Color Sensor, db expander, Parallax 2x16 Serial LCD

Step 2: LCD

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Wire LCD to bread board as shown  in the following diagram. make sure to run a wire to the bread board in a separate row. 

Step 3: Sensor

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Plug the DB expander into the color sensor. Then insert the DB expander on the bread board as followed in the PDF file. Adjust pins as needed while connecting the the ground as the same row as the LCD allowing both devices to run on the same ground.

Step 4: Switch

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Take the two 22 gauge wires and solder one wire on the peg that says power and take the other wire and solder that wire on the peg that says ACC. Connect ACC into vss and take the wire that says power and insert it in the same row as the LCD and Sensor connecting the circuit with the switch.
temper2 years ago
What does Ur stand for?
SatCenterEngDes (author)  temper2 years ago
"Ur" is just short hand for your. we thought it would be a cool and catchy title.
Surely it's shorthand for "you are"? In which case it reads "you are choice" which, in my parlance means you are on the nose...
very cool idea! how much doe the lighting affect you readouts? color balance is such a tricky subject in photography, have you found that you can get reproducible results with this setup?
SatCenterEngDes (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
You are absolutely right, color balance is very tricky. we found that at a particular range gives a better and more accurate output. When turning the sensor on the LED comes on. when the LEDs come on try to make a perfect circle with the lighting of the LED on the object. that should give a pretty accurate reading. We were not able to test the device due to lack of time. Please, if you ever have time, create the device and test for yourself. let us know on your data. Hope this helped. I'm glad you liked the idea.