Urahara Kisukes' Hat From BLEACH





Introduction: Urahara Kisukes' Hat From BLEACH

This is a hat I made around a year or so ago, I copied it from the popular anime called BLEACH.  All of the replicas I found on the internet I did not either like or were wrong.  So I broke out my sewing machine and went to the fabric store and purchased some white duck-cloth and a thinner dark green cotton material.  I first measured the circumference of my head and added a few inches to get the basic dimensions for the hat.  Then I studied the pattern on the pictures I had found to get the correct layout.  I then traced all of the pieces I needed onto some printer paper pinned them to the green fabric and cut them out.  Next I began sewing the green pieces to the rim of the hat and worked my way up aligning them as I went.  I added a Sweatband at the very end just to get a little snugger fit.  All-in-all to took around 4 hours to complete and is almost a perfect replica to the one that is seen in the show.



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    Nope sorry, I actually did everything freehand. If you happen to have another bucket hat you should be able to get the measurements from it just add on about 1/2" to an 1" for all of the measurements to account for the seams.

    Sure. I 'll try it.
    I really love BLEACH.

    I love it:D !!
    You did a great job!!