The Uranium Rosary

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Introduction: The Uranium Rosary

This is a rosary I made out of uranium glass beads, and a cross with a UV LED flashlight built into it. When the LED is pointed at the uranium beads, they glow a bright green. I originally wanted to have a picture of Marie Curie in the center, instead of a virgin Mary medal, like those that traditional Catholic rosaries have. Instead I have a piece of hardware I found that looks like a cross between a cross and the warning symbol for radiation.




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    So this is safe right? I am considering making a Catholic rosary for my grandma I would hate for it to have the potential to do harm from the uranium glass beads... one of my teachers said that because it isn't just uranium it shouldn't put off as much radiation. I also may make my own set because some of my family members (including me) are Catholic... Thanks in advance for any positive reply I receive...

    Oooooooooommmm...go to that happy place... nice art...

    Where did you get the vaseline glass beads?

    Please read about the comment that I just entered (above). This is too dangerous to mess with. take care, ApostrapheEss

     That rosary is freaking cool!!
    I'm thinking about making a similar one as a birthday gift for a friend; where can I find the cross with the blacklight, or how can I mount some sort of LED blacklight onto the cross?

    Is your spell-check "playing silly-buggers" with you? - Uranium oxide, not paraffin.


    Uranium Glass is also called Vaseline Glass:

    I'd never heard of that, before now, thanks.