Heres just a little stencil i did on the stock of my Crosman pumpmaster. The rusult of boredom of the cheap plasticky wooden finish. ill probly redo this one later with a MARPAT or a woodland colored ACU

Step 1: Basecoat

I gave the stock a nice coat of this aluminum spray paint. maybe a little too shiny but ill have that fixed in the next one!

Step 2: Cover in Masking Tape

Self-explanatory. cover completely the area you want to stencil in masking tape

Step 3: Cut Out the Digital Pattern

I just used a millimeter ruler to measure 5 mm lines to create the pattern and some of them i just eyeballed.  Next time i will use an actual pattern off the internet as a guide. i re used the cut out pieces as a guide for the other side

Step 4: Spray on Second Color!

 I used a darker gray for this! let it dry and youre done!
I did this, only I cheated and used ACU camo duct tape.
did the duct tape remove any og the bottom coat of paint?
is there a way to use this method for more than 2 colors?
htis is realy simple, thanks for that. I looked all over this site to find an easy camo paint job. yours is the best so far <br>
Ooooh! Nice job!
do you keep the masking tape on in the end?
no, masking tape gets peeled off to reveal the bottom coat
cool thank you <br>nice instructable by the way.
You actually did a reasonably good job for just eyeballing it. I'll have to do this as well.
Thanks! i tried to keep the squared 1cmx1cm
The title is misleading. The camo is Digital, not ACU. ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform.
I stand corrected!

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