Step 4: Adhering the Landscape Fabric

Step 4.  Construct a wooden frame within the concrete structure for landscape fabric to be affixed to.  This will help retain the soil mixture within the bed. We forgot our staple gun on this day and used tacks instead, but a staple gun would be a much easier way to go.
<p>Very inspirational, thank you. </p>
This is kind of cool! I have been looking into <a href="http://www.lakeridgepaving.com" rel="nofollow">asphalt seattle</a> and what they can do to help me with my roof as well! Can you tell me where to find more information like this? Thanks again!
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If you fill as you build the walls, you can use place the plastic between tow layers of the bricks to hold it in place. No staples amd no wood to buy/scavenge.
Proyects like yours are very important! <br>You show people how to be a little bit more independent from the big companies.<br>Good work!
nice project! i wanted to ask if after a couple of years steps 1-3 need to repeat again to create the smart layers again.<br><br>nicely done!<br>
i saw that the expert was the cammo-hat guy..... nice project...those smart layers make a lot of diference.<br>saludos desde mexico
What a great project. I want to make an urban asphalt organic garden now!
I like the idea that the structure can be moved in the future.<br>Extreme no-digging gardening!!!

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