Urban Bug Out Bag

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This is my urban bug out bag.  Will sustain a person for approximately 72 hours in an urban or non-urban environment.  It does have some items for urban areas as well as the necessities such as things to make fire and shelter for a non-urban environment.

Bolt cutters
6x8 tarp
wet wipes
one person cooking set
katadyn hiker water filter
goal zero guide 10
OFF deep woods
Tops Joe Teti Surv Tac & knife
SOG multi-tool
Chem lites (2)
Rayovac light 2AA (home depot)
Celestron monocular 
Fire starter
CLP gun grease
SOL survival blanket
Pocket cooking stove
stainless steel water bottle
vaseline soaked cotton balls (for fire)
55 gallon trash bags
heavy duty ziploc bags
tent stakes
water chem purifier tablets
tuna/dehydrated fideo soup/salmon packets
Two protein shots
Water faucet wrench
Gerber shovel
Super glue
Work Gloves
odoylemark2 months ago

Thanks for some great additions to my bug out bag... Bolt Cutters! That's huge, and that pipe wrench is excellent... Never used the Vaseline cotton balls but ill give that a try tonight... I always used dryer let and candle wax- or any fat in general..

Always gotta be prepared. I suggest only one addition a nice high quality radio- UHF/VHF transmitter with AM-FM capability... Picked up a nice one for about 85$.

Virginiadare3 months ago
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19975891 year ago
A tip on making a instructable if other members wanted to use this to get the gear you have in this instructable they would not be able to because you did not exactly give the name of the gear you only put what brand they are ex. SOG,Gerber it would help others if you gave all the specific details
jtmax241 year ago
well, if that works great for you that's good. Others might want more instructions. It looks like you didn't put to much thought into this particular one. One photo and a list of stuff isn't much. I hope you will expand on it.
EmcySquare1 year ago
Nice for having some "adventures" in a bug out situation
You missi some simple common and fundamental items. A first aid kit with iodine and bleach, a copy of your documents, a map of your area, some subway/trasport tickets (you should not assume they don't work at all), CASH is KING, soap, uderwear, something to keep you warm as a blanket, rope/paracord, zipties...