Urban Camoflage - How to Paint Urban Camoflage, Airbrush





Introduction: Urban Camoflage - How to Paint Urban Camoflage, Airbrush

Urban camo is always cool. This is how you can add it to anything.



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    Nice video!

    I'm thinking that a low tack tape like drafting tape might help reduce the possibility of pulling up the paint layers. It's more expensive than plain masking tape, but it might save some aggravation.

    really.really nice dude!!!!!!!!!!XD hey check out my red tiger longstrike. pls comment. id like comments from the profesional painters like u.

    awesome! i wish i had an airbrush!!!

    for this kind of paint job, you can use spray paint, I'm working on my guitar right now, I'll put a link in here to my -ible when I finish, though it may be a couple of months

    could u explain how to do this on an airsoft gun w/out airbrush... maybe spray paint???

    same way, just mask it, and use very thin coats, and lots of them, unless of course you like runs XD

    Nice, I would love to have my room as this. Though it would be quite weird, it would be awesome. Woah.. no wonder people call me the weird kid. WAKA LAKA LOOGIE! GOODBYE. Great Instructable. Video. Yeah.

    Great paintjob, I am thinking about painting my racing bike like this. Although I would be harder to see and would end up being more dangerous for me in the long run....but hey, it looks good. Another idea for your videos is that you should show how to do army camo with leaves/branches such as ferns and other, more natural looking camo. With greens and browns, just so you have more than one camo option in your instructables and website. Once again, great instructable and I look forward to seeing any future ones from you.