Need something to do with all those unwanted bills and junk mail?
Want to save money on you fuel bill?

Cook your food using an Urban Hay Box!
You can cook anything in an urban hay box that needs a long simmer, like stews, soups, steamed puddings, etc. Because it needs no attention while cooking, it is a great way of cooking if you have something to do for a few hours and you want some hot food as soon as you get back.

What you need:
1. Cooing pot with a lid.
2. Large Box (one that your pot can fit in with a few inches to spare).
3. Styrofoam/insulation.
4. Bills, junk mail (any paper that needs shredding).
5. Document Shredder.

Step 1:

Shred you paper, this is now your ‘urban hay’. You will need a lot; you may need to save it for some time.
<p>I made an Ible on this once upon a time. It's a great way to efficiently cook a soup or stew.</p>
<p>I'm thinking the easiest box would be a cooler. Modern slow cookers have been mandated by government to minimum temperature standards (they won't even let us decide how to cook our own food) so this method would be like using a slow cooker from the 70's. A great idea - I'll give it a try.</p>
<p>I was going to use a cooler box, but the one we have here is quite narrow and I was afraid of melting the sides with the pot. I might try with a smaller pot for my porridge (thanks for the idea Costarus). If using a cooler box I would still pack around the pot with 'urban hay'.</p>
<p>Excellent idea!</p>
<p>I love this instructable!</p>
<p>I this way prepare porridge. In the evening, fill in groats with boiling water, in the morning she's ready. No need to waste time for cooking.</p>
<p>Anything that gives you an extra few minutes in bed is a good idea! I must try this, maybe with a smaller box.</p><p>Thanks</p>
we used to cook like this on camping trips, along with solar ovens, very cool
<p>Thanks AmandaFayefx, we use hay boxes when we are camping too, I was just putting a modern twist on an old favorite. </p>

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