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Living in LA, it can be hard to find a good space to spread out and make things. Being an avid maker, hacker and tinkerer, living in an apartment made that problem even more frustrating! After a couple years of projects spread out on the kitchen table and floor it hit me! Why not use that closet that's full of all my junk as a workspace! So i set out to design a compact workspace that would leave the existing shelves in the closet in tact if I ever have to move out. The first thing to do was bust out Google SketchUp and lay things out. After creating a design that optimized the space it was time to head to the hardware store and get my supplies! After just a weekend's worth of work, i now have a fully functional urban workshop in a closet that i affectionately call the "Man Closet."



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    i would do this for my mates birth day!!

    Very nice! But how do you find the space to sit in there when the doors are closed? :)

    I still need a closet !

    Very cool. I think I am going to do this with a slight modification. I am thinking I might make the work bench/desk roll out. Thank you nice work.

    I made something similar, but my closet is about 1*2,5 metres with a side entrance... I'm not that fat, but I have to squeeze past things, oh, and it's rather dark inside:(

    Looking good. I'll bet you could make an RC boat out of a log in there with no trouble at all.

    Thats an awesome workspace. I have a lamp like that, they're really good, mount them on a wall and you can light up anywhere!