Urban Sea X-mas Tree





Introduction: Urban Sea X-mas Tree

Working mainly as a Full Stack Web Developer, in my free time I enjoy relaxing far, far away from the tech world. Since I was a child, my hobby is to create things. Concerned about the future and the abuse of human nature, I decided to experiment and work primarily with wood which most people would consider waste - recycling, recycling, and again - recycling. My favorite material to use is broken or old furniture, driftwood, timber salvaged from demolished buildings, or anything wooden that could be re-used.

Last X-mas I decided to bring some summer spirit at home and made myself a reusable x-mas tree from driftwood pieces, collected from the seaside.

So lets start... Go out! Have a walk in the nature. By the sea or river.
Collect pieces of driftwood and shells.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Driftwood sticks - the number and shapes depending on your project. A bigger and heavier piece is needed for the base.

2. A broken wire hanger or just any piece of wire for the base

3. А pair of pliers to bend the end of the wire

4. A drill to make holes in the wooden sticks

5. Seashells and cord for the decoration (optional)

That's all! Have a Joyful And Peaceful Christmas :-)



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That looks really cool. Could you share a little more about the steps that you went through to make it.