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Sometimes it feels like urban survival kits are a dime a dozen on Intructables, which is great. But it seems to me that that types of "survival" situations you commonly run into in a day-to-day urban setting are of a fundamentally different nature than those you might encounter in, say, the wilderness, and I've seen a few urban survival kits that I felt didn't address this fact very well. So I sat down and tried to think of all the 'survival' situations I've encountered in my urban life, and designed a kit to meet my own specifications.

Here's my survival kit, tailor made to get you out of many situations a cosmopolitan urbanite like yourself might encounter. I'll go through each item briefly, and give an example 'survival' scenario where it would be useful.


Step 1: Case

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This is the outer shell of your survival kit. You want something small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or a purse, but just large enough to fit all of your survival gear. Durable materials are a plus here, as anything in your pocket (or at least in my pockets it seems) can take quite a beating.

I used this stainless steel business card holder that I bought at the dollar store. I like it because it is sturdy and compact, and has no protruding corners that might get uncomfortable in a pocket. An altoids can or similar would also be a perfect choice.
@SFA1500 there is a knife inside the multi-tool, you only need to make it sharp before you go any where

on that paticular knife is a single sided sharpened edge and is sharp with really no need to sharpen

VY1GP1 year ago
Great idea!
I do a similar thing with my wallet - same items, except multi-tool and mint - will have to upgrade
Curt552 years ago
Just a reminder that you'll lose this if you forget and carry it on a plane, still a no knife policy at airport security!
ATTILAtheHUNgry (author)  Curt552 years ago
good point. Hadn't thought to mention that.
Schmidty162 years ago
Cool case is it a gameboy 1
Nice. Reminds me of Urban Prepper on YouTube. I like the small Leatherman too. Hard to beat reliability. I made a EDC Survival Kit as well. Comes in very handy! I uploaded it on this site, lemme know what you think!
SFA15002 years ago
A good thing to add would be a single razor blade. Very useful if you need to cut something in any given situation and also handy to get a quick shave in case you find some missed hairs before a meeting.
EmcySquare2 years ago
Well... let's see...

You should definetly add a few things
- bus tickets
- copy of ID (usb key is ok, but only if you have a running pc nearby)
- zipties
- sewing kit
- safety pins
- tucth-tape
- paper clips
- ibuprofene or other needed medications

Save space dropping the candy ;)

One last thing: your parents, siblings and friend all live in the same houe? LOL