Picture of Urban Survival Kits
I discovered that using a soap container works just as well as an Altoids box, and it can hold much more!

Step 1: Ingredients-

Picture of Ingredients-
Look around your house for things you can use.

My Kit includes -

1 Mini ruler

3 Elastic hair ties

1 Tube of lip balm

1 Mini Sharpie (with the keychain attatchment removed)

1 Small container of floss (I got mine from the dentist)

3 Band-aids

1 Mini (keychain) flashlight

2 AAA batteries (for mini flashlight)

1 Dollar bill

3 Sticks of gum (trident works best, if you don't have any of that, use orbit)

You also need-

Plastic wrap that sticks to itself (Reynolds, Press'n Seal)


Huh, never thought of a soap case! That's a really good idea for first aid, survival, or any other type of small kit because, just as you mentioned, they do hold more (& won't rust, either)!
Ha ha, 1 pinky ring. That made me laugh.
goalieroy976 years ago
i made something like this kit but its really small. I used an altoids smalls container because it was small then i put a band aid and a dollar on the bottom. after that i had this really small flashlight about 1 forth of the tin and put it in. finally i but in 2 jolly ranchers if i wanted something to eat when i was wanting for the bus or somerthing
brunoip6 years ago
nice work !
Einstien13 (author)  brunoip6 years ago
Thanks! :P