The goal of AndyBot 9001, or the Urban Wilderness Monitor (UWM), is to collect quantitative data about various species living in an environment through animals interacting with a series of sensors.

The UWM possesses a number of sensor inputs that, when triggered, add to counters and release the door of a feeder. The counters represent different information, while the food is meant to serves as feedback to encourage further participation from the organisms. In this way, a feedback loop is created between humans and their subjects. An UWM benefits the human user by providing information about the preferences and abundance of local wildlife. It benefits subject by offering a tasty reward.

Larry Smith and Mary Macheski-Preston. We made this project for our Cybiotic Interaction Design Class taught by Andrew Quitmeyer at Georgia Tech. For more information, visit the course blog at http://lmc.gatech.edu/~aquitmeyer3/cybiotic/ !

Step 1: Supplies

Materials Used:

x1 Force Sensitive Resistor - Square
x1 Mini Photo resistor
x2 HS-322HD Servo
x1 Arduino
x1 Bottle
x1 10,000Ω resistor
x1 100Ω resistor
Squirrel/Bird friendly food
T-shirt Fabric
100 ft of wire
Craft foam
Header pins
9 volt battery
Alligator clips
Electrician's tape
Scotch tape
Oh man, the prospect of you guys testing the photoresistor with shadow bunnies and birdies is too funny. That, and the "how not to make a birdfeeder" video make this one of my favorite serious-but-not-too-serious projects. <br /> <br />It takes a brave author (or set of authors) to publish their failures as well as successes. Great first project, and we'd love to see you share more than just your schoolwork. :D

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