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From the title alone, you are probably wondering "Why?" So, I probably should explain myself...

A while back I found myself visiting the hospital on a semi-regular basis. As I would sit in the hospital staring at the wall in boredom and waiting for the doctor to come back, I got to thinking about how I could share the joy of my trips with my friends and family. Normally, when you go somewhere, you bring back souvenirs like T-shirts... or key chains... or coffee mugs... or my personal favorite - the pinnacle of uselessness and oddity - the snow globe.

When this notion crossed my mind, it became painfully obvious to me that it would be ideal if I could bring back a snow globe for my loved ones as a keepsake from my hospital trip. But what would a snow globe from a hospital look like? Well, it would need to have a medical scene inside - that is for certain. It would obviously need snow. It would need to be in some sort of globe and - at that - what sort of globe is there to be found in a hospital? Well, urine collection cups, of course. and, if you are already going that far, you might as well go all the way and fill it with urine. Hence, the idea for a urine snow globe was born.

Although, fortunately, I go to the hospital far less these days, the idea of making a medical-themed urine snow globe has stuck in the back of my mind. I knew that sooner or later this had to be made simply to get it out my system. And so, I finally got around to making this. I see this as a great way for people to commemorate any notable illness (physical or mental).

Step 1: Go get stuff

Picture of Go get stuff

You will need:

- A cup of water
- Face mask
- Nitrile gloves
- Playmobil (Child with Wheelchair)
- Playmobil (Hospital Room)
- Sterile Collection Cup
- Scalpel
- Krazy Glue
- Sterile grater
- Sterile PVC
- Tweezers (optional)
- Needle (optional)

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washo19 months ago
Such an interesting idea! I'll use food coloring and water if I ever do this!
As a gift I wouldn't want that bit the idea of PVC pipes genius
Discussing creepy
After a few years,that stinky thing would be leaking,what a disgusting mess,.Do yourself and other's a big favor,colored water or a suitable colored drink,lie if its that important too you..
redwizard21 year ago
I made it...but it broke
willichan1 year ago
I laughed so hard I had to ... fill a snow globe.
That's nasty and twisted
Beautiful project.
D00M994 years ago
I would very much recommend that you place Krazy Glue on the rim first, then quickly screw it on tightly.

Just in case some little kids get curious.
Dustycookie2 years ago
Are you playing doctor?
jonnyd553 years ago
Amazing :) does this mean you are mocking x-mas as well as your anti halloween ideas? LOL a very amusing project. Im not sure about the law in the USA but its classed as anti social to gift wee-wee in the UK?
I think that if you were planning to send it to someone then in may come under the Prohibited Goods regulations of many postal services:

ilpug3 years ago
Umm, why didn't you just dye water yellow?


chicopluma4 years ago
i can`t imagine the reaction of your family when you gave them that
bennagels4 years ago
imrobot4 years ago
thank you for using gloves
HAHAHAHA,.. THAT is sooooo gross, roflol :)
Lewkish4 years ago
How has nobody made a comment about yellow snow?
don't eat it
pinky2525254 years ago
who would want to do that its kind of gross
Pyrocantha4 years ago
If you get "stage fright" or just can't get the guts up to do it, yellow food coloring would be the EASY way to go. I have never made a urine snow globe but used glitter in my other ones and added a drop of dish soap to keep the glitter from gumming up. That would make Clean Urine! ( Which truly is sterile...)
NachoMahma4 years ago
.  You go to all the trouble to use sterile components, yet you use urine straight from the tap. Shouldn't you sterilize (boil? nuke? chlorine?) the urine, also?
Urine is one of the most sterile substances in the world. A friend of mine got lost in the wilderness one summer. He fell down some rocks and gashed open his leg so horribly he should have bled out. He somehow managed to get it to clot...but the way he kept it clean was....yup...he peed on his wound. Several times a day.

When he found his way back, he went to the doctor. They stitched him up and it was like...nothing. They said it was perfectly fine.
It is supposedly sterile from the tap. Ask that survival guy on TV who drinks it in a pinch.
. Unless one has an infection, disease, or other malfunction. Maybe I'm just being overly cautious.
Well, if the tap is rusty or has a foul discharge or seems discolored, you might be asking for trouble.
If the tap is rusty or dirty, you should call a plumber (the one with strong and skilful hands) to polish it.

Or mayby do it yourself...  (will someone post an instructable how to do it?)

And: no pun indeed... really... ;-p
The job might take a while or it might be quick. Either way, you probably have to pay for it later.
Oh my god you have such sick minds. :)
Sorry, it's only shop talk about our tools.
the "tap" nice metaphor...
Well, he WAS in the hospital.
Dr.Bill4 years ago
skimmo4 years ago
this made me laugh really hard
Dani1996 skimmo4 years ago
jajaa, is very creative LOL
Blofish skimmo4 years ago
why does this remind me of this saying 'if the world gives you lemons, make lemon aid' ROTFLMFAO
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