Introduction: Usages of a Multi-tool

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Step 1: Corkscrew

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This is used for unscrewing corks. You stick the corkscrew in the cork then turn it left or right. Corks are usually found on wine bottles or other types of glass bottles.

Step 2: ?

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I have no clue what this is...

Step 3: Nail File/Cleaner

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This is used to file your nails and get the dirt out from your toe or finger nails.

Step 4: Screw Driver

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Used for screwing or unscrewing nails into wood or other types of surfaces.

Step 5: Mini Knife

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The name says speaks for itself. It's a mini knife. Be careful, it is still sharp.

Step 6: Mini Saw

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This is a mini saw. It's very sharp and saws pretty good.

Step 7: Mini Scissors

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These mini scissors cut very well and are very sharp. Use them to cut cloth, tape, paper...etc

Step 8: Bottle Opener

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Finally, a simple bottle opener. This is uses mainly to open beer bottles.


MeGusta (author)2013-08-05

#2 is for punching holes in leather. A thread goes in the hole.

CementTruck (author)MeGusta2013-08-06

Correct. It is called an "AWL".

FbO Vorcha (author)2013-08-06

I think the last one is actually a can opener, it looks a bit too sharp for a bottle opener, but I could be wrong.

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