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Introduction: Usb Doomsday Device (Program Launcher)

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Hey There, Was looking around on a week or two ago and found the over priced"The Usb Doomsday Device" so i went ahead and had a look at some youtube vids and to my dismay all the Doomsday Device was, was a usb hub that generated a sound effect -.- And by looking at comments on the videos it was clear to see i wasnt alone on wanting this usb hub to also launch a program on your pc (or prehaps an explosion video?) of your choice.

So I went ahead and got the old noggin' workin' and I came up with the idea of creating my own version of the usb doomsday device on a very cheap budget. (actually only £9.88)

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Step 1: Components

An usb game pad; £2 (ebay)
a key switch; £2.50
a push button; £1.99
a toggle switch;£1.99
a rocker switch; - (scavenged)
1 led; (i bought a 100 leds - 20 of each colour for £1.40 on ebay)
a project box; (free sample)
some  wire; (scavenged)
1 led holder; (free sample)
                                                         bringing us to a total cost of 9.88

you will also need a drill with drill bits, solder and soldering iron

Step 2: Mark Out Holes Then Cut Em'

First we need to take the lid of our project box and mark out where to drill for the switches 
then drill :)

Step 3: Fit Switches

check all the switches fit and put them in tightening the necessary bolts
         now onto soldering

Step 4: Soldering

There is a schematic below for how to solder the components...

basically we're gonna go to the toggle switch, then the rocker, then the key and finally the push button. the led has its own circuit.

Step 5:

Put it all in the box and its done !!! now keep reading for the software part

Step 6: Software

Now we need to set-up xpadder (download below)

Map a new controller;
go to the buttons tab;
activate all the switches and press the button;
this will make the software recognise the controllers button;
save and close the window;
now click on the grey or green button;
set it as a key combination;
now go to the file you want launched and copy it then create a short-cut somewhere;
now right click the sort-cut and click properties;
now change the short-cut key to the same as the one you made in xpadder.

                      try it out!

Step 7: Thanks

thanks for reading this instructable please comment, and vote for me - in the usb contest

 you could add a 4 port usb inside but I didn't need this 



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    Just finished my slightly varied version. :) Mine has 13 buttons but only 12 or in use atm and is very 'quick and dirty' version as i did it at 4am this morning and then finished touching it up after a couple hours sleep. Heres some pics, enjoy.

    1 reply

    WOW neat idea, to use it for short-cuts to websites you like/use

    This is really cool and better looking than the ones available online and soooo much cheaper. Thanx for posting, instant fave! I think I'll build me one, a pirate fish one :) !!!!

    1 reply

    Thanks!! Post some Photos of how it goes!

    This is cool, I was thinking of making one by myself, but I found this first! Thanks!

    1 reply

    you could make it a password reset thing or something instead of having a reset disk

    1 reply

    Thats the idea, use whatever satisfies your needs

    i like this doomsday device better than the one of thinkgeek. but there is one difference. i figured that it doesn't matter in which order you switch the switches, as long as the push button is pushed last (unless it is a locking push button). with tinkgeeks doomsday device you must switch the switches in a specific order (although this order is printet on the device) to activate it. but I'm definitely gonna make this!

    1 reply

    Thanks, you could probably make this work is you knew arduino, which is something i Dont, post some pics and show us how you get on

    i use this (CENSORED) with my gamepad(logitech gamepad f310)

    i want to make one or buy one of urs and put the code to make it get rid of every file on a computer that would be amazing

    1 reply

    that would be possible, some sort of script I guess?!

    damn, here in Syracuse (Sicily, Italy; not near NY) there's just one store that sells the components! Sometimes I think I live in Africa...

    Currently the pound to dollar exchange rate is about 2:1. Being that it takes about 2 dollars to equal one pound.

    Hmm good question but i dont know as im not from or familiar with the dollar