USB Webcam Tracking System





Introduction: USB Webcam Tracking System

Make your own tracking webcam with a Usb Missile Launcher.
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Step 1: Hack and Modify Usb Missile Launcher

You need to modify the PAN / TILT system for better move.

Before mod :
Pan : 340 ° in 17 seconds
Tilt : 45 ° in 2 seconds.
initialisation neutral position : 9 seconds

After :

pan 355° and tilt around 70°

Unscrew base.

Step 2: Detail of Pan Switch

2 switch for end pan.

Step 3: Cut the Pan Contact

cut the pan contact ( green in red circle ). Be careful ... if you break it .... turn turn turn

Step 4: Tilt Modification

Unscrew the "gun" part, and keep carefully the motor and little switch ( no use in this mod .. but may be use for Camera or other contact).

Step 5: Change Tilt

use the white wheel to make a big new one .. use hot glue.
Cut black plastic, for maximum move

Step 6: Add a Webcam ..

So, now add a webcam ....

Step 7: Outdoor Box

To make a outdoor box, use a plastic fish aquarium. And a plastic bottle.

Step 8: How to Outdoor Box ..

Use a CD cake box ... glu, rubber, whit paint ....

Step 9: Cut Box

cut the cakebox and fix it with hard glu. Put a rubber around the fish tank.
Dont forget some hole for Usb cable. Fix the tank to the bottle with big screw ...

Paint ...

Step 10: Look How It Run ...

So, now you can use Roborealm software, to make a tracking program .... like this mine



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    I can't see how you have the tilt limit switches setup. When you remove the large missile shooter portion, the base hinges are also removed. Those hinges have plastic on the bottom that hit the limit switches.

    1 reply

    thank for reading
    Just cut plastic on the left and the right part of ( let only le middle arounf 2mm )
    Do it carefully

    make this with a paintball gun other than that love it

    If someone have more experiences with Roborealm .. welcome to this project.