Picture of Usb adapter for Nintendo DS
How to create an usb power adapter for your nintendo ds out of an usb cable & your nintendo ds charger.
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Step 1: Analyzing

I noticed that my ndsl charger supplies almost 6v, so i decided to use a normal usb port to charge my ds, also because my pc can supply 5.1 volts that are perfect for charging it (and also because it is always turned on during the day).

1) Take apart your nds charger.
2) Look inside it & search for the power cord.
3) Using your tester(V), check & write down the position of the tiny cables inside the cord.
4) Close your charger, plug it on an outlet & write down the + & the - on the connector.

Step 2: Usb cable

1) Cut in half your usb cable.
2) Plug it in your pc PAYING ATTENTION to not short circuit it.
3) Check + & - .
4) Desolder the nds charger cable.
5) Connect to the unplugged usb cable.
6) Solder the 2 cables together.
7) Solder the other half cable to the charger.
8) Close it & enjoy.
donnen2 years ago
really good work!!! but i think it's a little complicate than buy a new cable for DS or a charger for DS!!
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
tahts a weard plug...
luig3 years ago
hello, i have a friend who supposedly used to have access to a cable that was from the ds charger to something that would connect to a projector (i would assume that it was to VGA) and it would display everything on the screen on to the projector, but it would drain the ds battery life, if any one knows about it plz tell me more, please note it wasn't me who was able to use this cable. and that i have never been able to see it in person. if anyone knows this instructable could help be used to fabricate the cable.
olistr6 years ago
they actually sell these. my bro has one.
zack247 olistr4 years ago
why buy when you can make?
m6233555m (author)  zack2474 years ago
Totally agree
lol, i do agree too.
rik30985 years ago
can this also hack the ds???
m6233555m (author)  rik30985 years ago
Atomman5 years ago
Charge DS from computer... Cool!
Citwi6 years ago
nice Instructable. although it would be far simpler to just use a: USB A to 5-pin USB mini-B Cable (I'm certain it's the mini b). it just takes a little wiggling to get it in right but it'll work at least for the ds lite
cyrozap Citwi6 years ago
No, different connectors. It could damage the port.
Citwi cyrozap5 years ago
i've done this for months with no sign of damage
dsman1952766 years ago
hmm, for some reason i am drawn to this... good work! i would try but i only have one charger, if i mess this up i can't use my DS.
I got a used DS charger off of for 50cents. (Plus 5 dollars s&h)
cyrozap CapnTac6 years ago
LOL. Shipping more expensive than product.
m6233555m (author)  dsman1952766 years ago
I have only a charger too... just pay attention and don't be in a hurry.
it works fine UNTIL IT BLOWS YOUR DS BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not gonna. The DS has internal circuitry to prevent that. The adapter just provides +5 Volts. USB power just happens to be 5 Volts, so this will work fine (so long as you don't screw up).
garrett106 years ago
what is the purpose?
m6233555m (author)  garrett106 years ago
look at the step 1
awang86 years ago
I might do it when my AC charger's toast.
jon1233216 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
.......what?! There are all kinds of things wrong with that question.
Answer: No, this is only for charging a Nintendo DS.
(removed by author or community request)
I already explained it, this is only for charging a DS, because it only plugs into the power port of the DS. An r4 or super card plugs into slot 1,to boot software.Also, my first reply came across kind of rude, and that was unintentional.
thanks apology accepted I just got the system and dont know much about it thats why I asked the question...If you dont ask...then how will you know? I am quite sure I am not the only one on this site with some off the wall questions!
flylaady6 years ago
What is the purpose of this? I mean will I be able to download files from my computer to my ds with out a portable usb card? I would like to know before I tear up my
lol, i just have a regular ds, and only 1 charger, hehe
RFilyaw6 years ago
This is exactly what I did when my AC adapter died on me. I used a USB cable from the dollar tree, spliced the appropriate wires and bam. Easy charge for $1. I later bought a commercial-made one which was pretty much identical except for the quality. The beauty of many electronics these days is that they are all 5ish volts to charge with no modifications, which is the same output of a standard USB port.
what exactly would you use that for?
m6233555m (author)  childthesecond6 years ago
I thought that would be an excellent idea to charge the ds with my pc, also because my pc is turned on most of the time...
Head Wound6 years ago
I done the same project (before reading your guide). That is very close to what I did. Only difference is I did not open up my charger. Instead I used the label in the back of the adapter for a guide what wire is what polarity.
Nice work. I look forward to trying this with my charger.
tyeo0986 years ago
Heh, I tried to build one of these a while ago, but I got the polarity wrong and ended up frying the usb power chip on my mobo, and if 1 chip dont work, none do. So a 20c chip kept my 1200$ computer from working. Just great. Check your polarities if you try this!