Step 4: Remove Useless Stuff!

Once opened, the metal shim of the connector will go off easily. I didn't need any tools for this. Measure you Usb thumb board to cut the glue blob at the right length inside the plug, preventing the thumb drive to get further in when you plug it. Yours may don't have glue at the end. 
After seeing this I looked around for a spare usb cable. Found none. But I had a bunch of old XBOX 1 controllers lying around.&nbsp;&nbsp;Figured I'd give that a whirl. Was pretty easy just had to snap open the plug, take out the proprietary xbox 1 connector, pop a stripped usb drive in there and snap it back. Use the plastic shield that went over the XBOX connector to shield your usb circuit board&nbsp;(slipped on perfect for me).&nbsp; No glue, no fuss, looks great. If I did it again,l I'd probably add a little padding in there since it has a tiny bit of play on the usb end, but the circuit board is tight! Cheers for the idea. <br /> <br />
&nbsp;Ooo would you mail/sell me the controller you stripped that plug off of? I had an original xbox controller rigged up to usb for my computer and I lent it out, stupid bugger never gave it back to me....
Great gadget. Really useful Tutorial?<br />
not really, but sometimes it's only to get a rough idea to make another project. <br />
&nbsp;haha, awesome. &nbsp;I may have to do this now, I've got a few super-small USB drives that should fit :)
&nbsp;hey man love the instructable i just finished making one i'll post pics when i get my camera back
This is really cool. Have you thought about making these and selling them on ebay? People would really dig these. Good job! :) *looks inside desk drawer for broken USB cables*<br /> <br />
*gives usb*<br /> <br /> &quot;Why did you give me some random cut usb cable?&quot;<br /> <br /> *wink*<br />
&nbsp;yes, cutted = bad grammar&nbsp;
I think I've used that same kind of super-glue. It is awful. Takes forever to dry and won't even hold properly once it does. But enough about the glue. Nice 'ible.<br />
I love this!&nbsp; I'm always up for a project that makes something unassuming much more than how it looks.<br />
&nbsp;Nice idea!
You should make your own image for the main image of the project. <br />
Thought so at first.... Got a new idea, got a new pic ^_^<br />
&nbsp;I agree, I almost prefer the nice silver cable you used, and I like the addition of the keyring on the end!
I&nbsp;love the concept.&nbsp; I'll be making something along these lines.<br /> <small>(BTW, I AM the tech support for many offices so lots of people should get to see it #;&not;)</small><br />

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