Step 4: conclusion

 hope you like the circuit...... 
what is the input voltage?
Where is the LDR in the finished product? Very nice instructable. Well done!
The only thing I would change is to maybe paint the whole electrical box, and use the lid that comes with them, would make it look a little neater. But other than that, good project!! <br>
And you don't follow your own circuit diagram. That is confusing for those who look at your pictures.
please point out where it is wrong
It should not be difficult for the author to find that, but where is your 10 Ohm 1/2W resistor on your schematic??
And maybe a LDR should be in the part list as well. <br>Apart from that, the circuit works well.
sorry, i will edit it and thank you
What schematic editor is that?
ExpressPCB software

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