Picture of Usb powered keyboard light bulb
First let me say I am sorry for the poor quality pictures. I cant find my camera at the moment but if you request specific pictures in better quality I will take them as soon as I find it (i had to use my phone)

Sometimes its the simple projects that are more interesting. I have been wanting to make an led keyboard light for quite sometime but just didnt know what I wanted exactly. There are tons of DIY keyboard lights all over this website and while some are great I just didnt find any that was my style. Eventualy I came up with this idea. A lightbulb! just hollow it out and place an led inside of it! So simple it makes me smile. The light bulb is really unique and interesting. The title may have mislead you a little bit :p I know running an actual light bulb off of 5 volts at whatever mah would be very hard. Now running one 10mm super bright white led would be really easy. This entire project requires very little time, parts and money. In the picture The light bulb doesnt appear to be all that bright but it does light up my entire keyboard. just cant see it in the photo.

I am in no way responsible for any damages that may occur to you/anyone/anything
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Step 1: Things needed/ what I used (no picture)

what you will need
One 10mm white led
One 220 ohm resistor
long enough male usb cable 
hot glue
electrical tape
light bulb
sharb utility knife
screw driver

OTHER things I used
A radio antenna for the mount
nerd74731 year ago
I have an idea for making it look better and I may try that on my next burned out light bulb
out-of-the-box (author)  nerd74731 year ago
Whats that idea? Id love to see the outcome!
never mind it wouldn't work