Introduction: Usb to DMX-RDM Interface

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Bieing a lighting technician I needed a usb to dmx interface but the commercially available ones are just too expensive so I decided to build my own.

Step 1: Things You'l Need

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  • soldering iron and solder
  • hot glue gun
  • wire stripper and pliers
  • drill and drill set

Step 2: Prepare the Enclosure

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  1. Cut a hole big enough for the xlr on one side of the enclosure also drill 2 holes lining up with the xlr's screw holes.
  2. Cut a square hole that the usb socket fits through on the other side of the enclosure.
  3. hot glue the usb to RS485 adapters usb socket into the square hole as shown in the image (ignore the three led's).
  4. if you are using a metal case make shure to hot glue a piece of plastic to the bottom of the usb to RS485 module to avoid short circuits.
  5. screw the xlr to the case.

Step 3: Wiring

Picture of Wiring

you will need to solder 3 wires to the xlr's pins.

the wires are connected as shown in the images.

you can now assemble the enclosure .

Step 4: You're Done


  • add isolation.
  • make the hardware more compatible with dmx input (right now dmx input isn't really supported by the hardware).


dannito (author)2017-11-05

Hi David,

Thank you for the nice tutorial!!! I am not sure, but I think you placed wrong labels of the XLR pins, IMHO it must be GND -> Pin 1, A -> Pin 3, B -> Pin 2

DavidB56 (author)dannito2017-11-05

Thanks for mentioning that I just fixed the schematic. I diddn't spend much time checking the diagramm

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