This instructable was inspired because of the Mind for Design contest. In order for me to share something I had to learn how to use a digital program to make a design for a project. I am thrilled that Hp Sprout has designed a program for makers. Not all of us can draw or paint images for our projects or can visualize how something might look with a certain design. For me, removing the background from the picture helped me decide if I liked the design and size well enough to make something from it. It saved me a lot of time and frustration. Learning just a few techniques to edit pictures has opened up a wider range of projects I can make.

It is pretty amazing how detailed children's pictures can be. I thought it would be really cool to make a dinosaur from children's artwork and a cat from altering an image of a cotton fabric sample. Later on you will understand why I chose the pictures that I did and how they might serve as a time capsule many years down the road.

For this instructable I made a few plushies by editing online pictures of artwork. I will be showing you how I transferred the designs, colored the fabric, and made the patterns using the designs.

Follow through and let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is the list of the supplies I used for the plushie but you could use these techniques to color just about any 100%cotton fabric. Solid white fabrics work the best. It has taken me years to find a good quality dish towel. I embroider a lot and too many of them are not worth sewing. If you want to know of a high quality white dish towel leave a message and I will let you know where to get some.If the fabric has a low thread count the ink will run terribly. I will share samples I practiced on later. I gave the dinosaur a water color appearance by using alcohol.

Here is what you need for the plushie:

Plushie pattern, I used a child's picture of a dinosaur I got online but if you have children it would be more meaningful to use one of their colored pictures of a family pet or creature.I will share how I converted the pattern in another step. I recommend rounder images. The points are difficult to stuff.

Pre-washed and ironed; 100% cotton fabric ( preferably white and extra to practice on)


Alcohol (for the water color appearance)

Old drinking glass (for the water color appearance)

Rubber bands (for the water color appearance)

Eye dropper with a small dish (for the water color appearance)

Needle and matching thread



Chop stick for use in stuffing the animals.

Pencil with an eraser (not shown) this will be used to push the poly- fil up into the points.

Embroidery transfer pencil (if you can't trace the design through the cotton fabric)

Permanent marker pens, ( use a good brand) I used several different kinds. I used Stained by sharpie because the colors are made for fabric. They seem to be brighter and have thick and thin lines. I also used sharpie ultra fine point for the very small lines in the design. This one was a regular marker.Cheap markers ran like crazy.

Glow in the dark paint if you desire.

Paper towels for spills and cardboard to protect your work space.

Computer and printer and some type of image editing program. I used paint and pixlr to edit the pictures.

Iron / board for ironing the fabric and setting the dye.

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