Use Coins As Washers





Introduction: Use Coins As Washers

If you don't have washers on hand and just have to finish a project, you can drill holes into coins and use them instead. Use a dime or a penny for a small washer, and a quarter or half dollar to simulate a larger flange washer.

I wanted to finish building the brakes on my bike and I was no where near a hardware store so I just drilled through pennies. It worked great then, and the bike is still going strong!



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    This would be a great instructable if it were not for the fact that destroying a coin is illegal. (at least in Denmark it is) Sorry tho, cause it's for a good use.

    Maybe that is precisely one of the reasons why the lower value Danish coins have holes in them...

    which means the us could save half the ore costs of minting 17 billion coins per year by making the into washers in the first place #drjill

    Be nice.  Don't destroy money.  The moral of the story is washers cost a tiny fraction of a cent wholesale.  Now look what Home Depot charges. 

    lol at the nickname hanson sux they sure do suck. there is nothing not nice about putting a hole in a penny. they have no nerve endings. i make beautiful rings for protection and luck from pennies and dimes. i do not put holes in them but i heat them up which if they could feel which they can't would hurt. i am actually being very nice buy making myself lots of money selling them and getting them lots of love and attention!!! of all the silly things i have heard being nice to a coin is the craziest. adopt a tree or a dog they do have nerve endings.

    In the U.S it is illegal to destroy any coin worth $0.25 or higher. So no quarters or half dollars, only dimes penneys and nickels :)

    I presume you've (all) seen the "MAKE Money" projects "it's cheaper to make it out of money"? Such as the wonderfully ironic piggy bank?

    This one is going into my mental toolbox. Nice, very nice. You get a +

    Great tip... and so simple, it's genius!