Use Command Prompt at School





Introduction: Use Command Prompt at School

Welcome to my Instructable on how to access Command Prompt at School

This Instructable contains:

1 Old Method covered in other Instructables

1 New Method which I have created so this should be the 1st Instructable which it is in

Please be aware that this can get you into serious trouble even if you don't use it for anything dangerous. I won't be held responsible for your use of this

Step 1: Open Notepad

There are 3 possible ways of doing this.

1st way (the obvious one)

Click Start

Click All Programs

Click Accessories

Click Notepad

(In my school notepad has been removed from the start menu)

2nd way

Right click in any folder window

Hover over New

Click Text Document

A new file called "New Text Document" will appear

Double Click on the New Text Document file, this will open notepad

3rd way

In a file window, search for .txt if it finds any files double click one of them

Step 2: Old Method

This is the old method, it doesn't work at my school but it might at your's.

In notepad, type (or copy-paste) the text below

@echo off



And save the file as whateveryouwant.bat
Then open the file It should open a black window identical to the one in the picture, if it doesn't move on to the next method

Step 3: My New Method :)

This is my new method

In notepad, type (or copy-paste) the text below

@echo off

echo Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]

echo Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



set /p com="%CD%>"

goto runcom


call %com%

goto comline

And save the file as whateveryouwant.bat

Then open the file

It should open a black window identical to the one in the picture



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    That's interesting, however, be aware that accessing the PC like that might get you in hot water with the school. In some school districts that's considered "cracking" and will earn you an expulsion.

    Likewise, for those doing this in a business environment, be darned certain you understand the risks of contravening IT policy before attempt this. It could land you on unemployment.

    Some organizations (business, schools, etc.) use monitoring software and can also review system logs remotely to detect stuff like this.

    I'm not saying "Don't do this," I only want you to be aware that it could have serious consequences.

    I was going to mention this when I wrote the tutorial but I forgot, I'll add it now


    I had a co-worker fall afoul of IT policy after running a portable app (it wasn't even installed) that could talk to the internet. He was out the door in 90 minutes. It was a traumatic experience all around.

    I used to work in IT for years. Seriously, don't do this. It is easily detected.

    thanks for sharing your step by step process! :)