Unless someone has seen a corner clamp, they might think it is difficult to make a bookshelf or small table.
If Dagwood Bumstead had seen them, his projects would have been fine.
Here is what they are and how they help.

Step 1: Two Size Groups ; Two Types of Joints ; Buy 2 or More Clamps


There are two sizes of corner clamps.
The smaller three inch size is usually used for picture frames
The larger size is used for making shelevs and the like.
If used carefully, either can be used for most projects

The corner clamps can be used to make a corner, such the top of a book case to the side of a bookcase
And they can be used to make a "T" joint, the end of one piece to another

Buy In Pairs

Its usually better to use these in pairs because one usually is binding both ends of a board.
If you can't find on a couple of small clamps and large right angle bracket will do the job for screwing/drilling - not too convenient for gluing. <br> <br>The ones with a diagonal brace tend to work best since they're reinforced. Strap ones are too flexible...

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