Use Galaxy Zoo to Create a Desktop Background


Introduction: Use Galaxy Zoo to Create a Desktop Background

Galaxy Zoo is a project which uses crowdsourcing to help classify images of galaxies. It's also a great way to find interesting starscapes. Here's how to create your own unique starscape background image using Galaxy Zoo.

Step 1: Sign Up and Start Working

Create an account on Galaxy Zoo, if you don't already have one. Start classifying galaxies. Most of them are fuzzy blobs but every now and then, you'll find a good one.

Step 2: Locate the Object

When you find an interesting object, open up the SkyServer Object Explorer by clicking on the object ID on the upper right.

Step 3: Get a Better Look

Click on Finding Chart, on the left, to open the Finding Chart tool.

Step 4: Adjust and Save the Image

The width and height parameters default to 512. Type in the actual width and height of your screen. In this case, it's 1024 x 768.

Adjust the zoom until you have the starscape you want. You can also play with the ra and dec parameters to center the image better.

Once you have the image you want, save it as your background image. (Firefox: right-click->"Set as desktop background", IE: right-click->"Set as background")

Step 5: Admire Your New Desktop

You should now have your own unique starscape background, probably containing galaxies no other person has viewed before.



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    Thanks. This is a really great site and I am in debt to for showing it to me. I thought I'd share some pictures of a few galaxies that I have had the privilege to identify thus far. Thanks again! ~Hermes


    You must have gotten a virus everything but you background is blurry, how sad lol jk