Step 3: The Handy Bookmarklet

I admit my bias to using FIrefox.  I don't know whether this works in IE.  However, we can create a "bookmarklet" using Javascript.  My code is as follows:


Create a new bookmark on your bookmark toolbar, and in the "Location" field, paste the javascript code seen above.  Give it whatever name you wish.  Once you click on it, you should be prompted to enter the URL you want to view.
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My workplace must have it blacklisted as well. Didn't work for me.
Thanks for the tip!
Interesting instructable here.<br>Unfortunately my workplace's filter already includes Google Translate into it's blacklist. It even clearly states its use as a proxy as a reason for avoidance.<br><br>Now, I don't know if this is a tailored list for my employer, or if they get their list from their filter client.<br>But your mileage may vary depending on which software they use.

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