- Guitar Hero Controller
- Arduino
- RGB leds + necessary resistors
- 5 x 10k resistors (for buttons)
- wires and breadboard

I decided to finally get some use out of my old guitar hero controller. After i tore the controller apart, i removed the pcb from the neck, soldered on some new wire ends to the ribbon cable and began hooking it up to my breadboard.

If you need help with hooking up buttons, refer to arduino.cc/it/Tutorial/Button

Sorry for the messy wiring job, but the pcb picture / wiring diagram should be enough to get you started.

(PCB picture)
Red = 5v
Blue = digital pins
Another way is to bitbang the serial communication with the guitar controller. <br> <br>http://www.billporter.info/playstation-2-controller-arduino-library-v1-0/

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