Click play on the video above for the quick and simple step by step instructions on how to use your leftover coffee to fix furniture stains and scuffs!

<p>I found a product online that will take away scratches and they don't come back. Its called a finish Rejuvenator. Made by a company in Oklahoma. Its been around like 30 years for antiques but it works for any wood that looks bad. So far I have used it on a table similar to the one in the video and I have used it on some pet scratches and a place where the dog water bowl made the bottom of a cabinet look faded out. The only picture I too was a white ring on an entertainment center--It is great. I bought it to clean my cabinets but haven't got there yet . Heres their address if you need something for wood. <a href="http://www.thevictorianhouseproducts.com" rel="nofollow">www.thevictorianhouseproducts.com</a> Zach</p>
<p>Very clever life hack!</p>

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