Use One Less Battery





Introduction: Use One Less Battery

 has this ever happened to you? you need batteries but you are always one short. well no more! this instructable shows you how to use one less battery and best of all.. its so easy and basic it hardly takes a minute. please note that this will decrease the life of the batteries as they are doing more work than usual. also this does not work if the batteries line up end on end.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

 -electronic device.
 -battery (please note that this hack works best if you use more than half the batteries required for the device)
-click pen

Step 2: Step 1

 disassemble the pen to fund the small metal spring inside. stretch it so that it is a quarter inch or so longer than the battery.

Step 3: Step 2

 put the spring in the battery case, winding it on tho the negative terminal (if the negative terminal is a spring. make sure it connects to both terminals.

Step 4: Step 3

 put the remaining batteries in and you are good to go.



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    i will need to try this but will the remote (in this case) be powered by 1.5V, because 2 battery will make 3V

    That's good.

    That's nice!

    I just tried it. Cool. I'm guessing that you might loose some range. But if range isn't a problem then cool go for it....


    this is a great idea, and the spring probably will not make much resistance

    One thing. Many devices require more than 1,5 volts. For example normal LED - witch can be found in many many devices- needs 'bout three volts. So 1,5 wont be enough. And looks like that remote used in this instructable connects the batteries in series so it makes it three volts, but maybe it then uses uses only 1,5 volts.          One thing was pretty long :-D

    Are you sure this works?

    This is halving the voltage...

    I did this with my gameboy color back in the day... It works, but you kill batteries quick.

    It has potential to damage electronics. But that's pretty unlikely.

    Interesting!  Will have to remember this!