Picture of Use Spells to Control Your Computer!
Ever wanted to use spells like Harry Potter? With a little work, and some voice recognition, this can be mastered.

Things you need for this project:
  • A computer with Windows XP or Vista
  • A microphone
  • Some time and patience!

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Step 1: Download Voice Activiation Command Software

Picture of Download Voice Activiation Command Software
I simply googled the term, and Voice Activated Commands came up as the first choice. This program serves a useful purpose in RPGs and other computer games where voice commands can be given rather than typing in key combos. For this project, it can be used to cast "spells" on your computer to manipulate it to do your bidding.

VAC Download Page

It's currently only available for Windows XP and Vista.
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amrodgers127 months ago

What is a free software I could use for this? When I download VAC it tells me I have 14 days.

Expecto Patronum: your favorite animal appears on the screen! Lol
rjordan-14 years ago
what about win 7
7 is vista... they are pretty much one in the same
No, win 7 is a glorified version of vista
ALogan974 years ago
I used evanesco to minimize the browser instead, since Reducio wouldn't pick up.
ginger200374 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's so funny xD I have to try it xD
you should put a list of reccommended spells :)
never mind srry i didnt look through it :)
or you could go on wikipedia
mguyear4 years ago
The download link in the instructable is linking to an old page. The correct download page is http://www.dwvac.com/download.html and the newest download file is http://www.dwvac.com/VAC_Full_2.5.0.zip

The link in the article is http://www.dwvac.com/download.htm when it should be http://www.dwvac.com/download.html . So when you go to the old page, it is linking to an old install file which is no longer being served on the server.
thepelton4 years ago
I should think that "Avera Kedavera" would probably cause a system crash. Wouldn't it?
thepelton4 years ago
What if you used "Stupefy" ?
Stand by

avadra kedavra shut down
Ninja15074 years ago
For those of you disappointed for it not having certain functions. Just write a simple c++ app that does the command you desire. Then have VAC execute the app.

C++ is easy to learn for beginners so if you don't have coding experience don't be scared off by this option. Simple programs such as one to do a basic command could be learned in a matter of hours. Just make sure you start off with the classic "Hello World" :D and you'll be fine.
chandeepa4 years ago
this software cannot be downloaded
google the Softwear there is more than one site if you ..... ya know loook-...
and there is more than one SW that will do this- iits beening used by lots of people i know on steam- so it works and -- its also on sevral sites.- i will NOT link here but google the file name and -- easy..
taywill954 years ago
The VAC builder won't open. It says "Component 'MSINET.Ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" I've run the repair on the installer several times and i still get this message.
when i start the test, there's an error that said: SAPI falied to initialize. This application may not run correctly. What should I do?
Go to home then back to downloads
mutant7 years ago
lol... I got one for you. Crucio: Opens AOL. lol
I got one, too.
avada kedavra: opens antivirus
sectumsempra: your computer starts bleeding profusely... ...No, wait...
tinkerC JKibs956 years ago
Turns volume to full, screen brightness to full, load all bookmarks in browser, and plays random song.
JKibs95 tinkerC6 years ago
expelliarmus.... eject disk...
stupefy... computer crashes
no instead of crashing..........Blue Screen of Death and then a reboot
dude, the damn post is almost a year old. don't bring them back.
bring what back the blue screen of death????????
sectumsempra: big slash appears across computer screen
Not as funny as mine, or stupefy. Doesn't quite work, as that keeps the spell. Spells should make the computer do something, not just graphics.
your right. sectumsempra makes your computer explode
Takes gasoline. Not so good.
 Fidelius: Hides current window.
No, freezes, then runs again.
PCfreak JKibs955 years ago
expelliarmus......Eject CD/DVD Drive
i like this too but there isnt an option to use it in VAC...is there?
I actually do like that one.
Me too. Langlock, Volume mute. Alohamora, auto login.
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