Picture of Use Your Crayons in Style!
Have you ever just thought, "Hey, crayons aren't interesting enough as they are!"? Probably not. Well that's alright, because this instructable will show you just how much more fun crayons could be! You will learn how to make your own crayon box out of almost any cardboard packaging! Even though this is a very simple project, your friends will be wowed by your amazing crayons!
To make this you will need:
-Any cool/fun looking box or packaging made out of thin cardboard (thinner is better)
-Transparent tape
-Scissors or and exacto knife
-A dark pen or marker
-An empty crayon box
-A ruler (optional and not shown)

Let's get started!
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Step 1: Open it up!

Picture of Open it up!
The first thing you need to do is unfold and open your empty crayon box without taking it apart. You don't want to rip it, you just want to be able to spread it out flat. The only ripping you should be doing is detatching the left side panels of the crayon box from eachother. You'll know what I mean when you are taking it apart. It should then look like the first picture. This is your stencil.

Next, you need to position your stencil on your cool looking cardboard. You want to position the left half of the stencil on the design that you want the front of your crayon box to look like. This is the half that was the front of the empty crayon box.

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Picture of Trace and Cut
Now that your stencil is taped to the cardboard to keep it from sliding, it's time to trace. Very carefully, trace around the stencil onto the cardboard. You can use a dark pen or a marker, as long as you can see what you've traced. (I used a sharpie so you can see) 

After that, you need to cut out your design. Cut out what you've traced, and try not to bend the cardboard (it's not ruined if you do, don't worry) For this step, you can either use a scissors or an exacto knife. An exacto knife makes it easier not to bend the cardboard.
jessimata2 years ago
Awesome Re-use! I like the idea of having a matching cereal box crayon box for my handy dandy cereal box notebook! Check out my 'ible here: