Picture of Use Your Wii As A Dvd Player
For some reson Nintendo decided not to include the dvd play-back function into the wii.

But it is now possible thanks to some amazing work by Team Twiizers

You Will Need:

A Wii (Duh!)
A Sd Card
A Way For You Wii To run Homebrew

If your wii is not ready to run homebrew yet i recomend this instructable by btop

Disclaimer at Last step, Please Read before attemping this instuctable,

Please also bear in Mind this is my first instuctable (:
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Step 1: Downloading The Files

If you have followed btop's instuctable and installed the homebrew channel this should all be pretty easy.

You will need to download 2 sets of files

"libdi" and "mplayer", both can be found here :

If you have a modchip you will need the other file on that page, "pactchmii_core"

Step 2: Installing

Picture of Installing
Now you will find a ".dol" file in the folder which you downloaded called "DL", rename this file to "boot.dol" and place it in a folder in the "apps" folder on you Sd Card.
The Run this file through the homebrew channel.

If your console has a mod chip, click "patchmii install" if not proceed with the normal install.

Step 3: The Dvd Player

Picture of The Dvd Player
Now you will need to add the contents of the second folder you downloaded (which should be named "mplayer-r2...") into the "apps" folder onto your sd. Then Like before boot this through the homebrew channel.

Step 4: Running The Software

Picture of Running The Software
Now once you have opened up the homebrew channel you will find the application "mplayer"
Run this and then you are ready to play your dvd's

In actual fact, mplayer can do more than play dvd's, it can also play files off the sd card, although this in quite buggy at the minute due to the fact that most of the effort was put into making it read dvds.
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LeahS32 months ago

too bad it doesn't work with 4.3

kalilm4 months ago

*grabs popcorn*

tjacobs53 years ago
never worked on my softmodded PAL 4.3E

tried all instructo's it just doesnt read dvd movies
just get a dvd player or xbox
Same here
RedFlash5 years ago
Mine says "Error 2011 - installing DVD stub ticket" I cannot get around this error. Please, Please help me
it happens to me too.
im pretty sure you cant install this with 3.6 and up
try downgrading?
It's ok now... I downloaded the DVD thingy from another website, put it on my SD card and it's working fine...
And the website is...? (same problem here)
Lol smart. Put the disclaimer in the BACK of the instructable. That makes sense. =]
Well, if you were smart you'd read the whole thing before trying it, get off your high horse.
Or, if you were smarter than that, you would've done what every other company in the history of ANYTHING had done and put the disclaimer at the beginning. Also, I'm on no high horse. The internet just takes any plain old comment and turns it into a cruel and incendiary insult that absolutely must be corrected by fine, upstanding gentlemen such as yourself.
And if you were REALLY smart, you wouldn't need the disclaimer at all. You'd know that anything you do outside of normal operation carries risk and you wouldn't whine like a child if it blows up in your face and blame the OP.

Not *YOU* you, but the general state of humanity. You're cool.
your both right, so stop bickering like little children!
I see what you did there.
*innocent look* I did what where?
(Sarcastic) Oh, ha ha, nice sarcasm.
jpm411 oshapley6 years ago
im sorry ,i was not trying to be sarcastic ,i apologize if thats how it came off......but any way have fun and god bless
hottroc2 years ago
The download link for the DVDX installer on the page you link to in Step 1 does not work (not currently anyway)! Can you link to the file somewhere else or host it yourself please? Without it this instructable is effectively useless.
GummiBear3 years ago
tht is sooo cool
your legend you have super mario 64!!!
Doctor What6 years ago
I'm sure this'll work, but I had some trouble. Everything went well until the very last step. I turned it on, ran the program, and put in my dvd. It froze... It freezes every time I try to run a dvd.
It can't run dvd's... Only files.... www(dot)wiibrew(dot)(com)
you might need an update
LAM83RT (author)  StefanT6 years ago
No, it does play dvd videos, the mplayer software allows you to play the films
your both right, so stop bickering like little children!
ikoda6 years ago
If you find out it's not a myth let us know. d=
LAM83RT (author)  ikoda6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Why would they already have the commands? Sounds a little fishy to me. Maybe they were wanting people to buy a specific channel?
theirs a slight frame rate problem with playback and it was probably wise to let the dvd function slide before they where overrun with feedback about how bad the dvd playback was.
Or they could have developed it to its full potential and fixed the frame rate problems and included the DVD function before release.

If you are selling a large-selling, mass produced product, it should at least include what is considered "the standard" in a game console.  One of which is DVD play.
I'm not entirely sure I would consider DVD part of any "standard" in a game console. A device trying to be an all-in-one for whatever reasons would do quite well with a DVD playback feature, but a device to play video games has no real need to also play movies. Unless you are playing something like Metal Gear Solid, the two are completely separate paradigms - one a directed narrative, and one where the user(s) direct the narrative.

Not trying to nitpick or attack you or anything, just trying to say that getting DVD playback is a wonderful additive feature, but it's icing on the cake, not what you are really paying money for when you purchase a game console. If you want perfect playback of DVDs, get a dedicated DVD player.

That being said, I would have loved the US getting a DVD-enabled Wii too. I enjoyed the PS2's playback for the most part and am highly considering enabling this on my Wii after I look more into whether or not it can work on an up-to-date system and more feedback on how well playback actually is.
Hegpetz Hegpetz4 years ago
Just to follow up, here is probably the best resource for installing homebrew, even on 4.3:

It ain't no myth.
UltimateDIY5 years ago
well, if you were smart you would just get the wii media player
PoisonMondo5 years ago
If you have a mochip: you need "patchmii_core". And do you still need "libdi" and "mplayer" then? Or , when you have a modchip, only "patchmii_core"?
sk83r225 years ago
i do rename the file to "boot.dol" and place it in a folder in the "apps" folder on you Sd Card. but is won't run the set up..
if you have updated to system 3.4, you're screwed. The DVDx player is for everything BUT 3.4. I know the things. I've been doing homebrew for years.
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