Step 6: Disclaimer

It is said that due to the way that the wii reads disc's that this MAY damage the laser, BUT it is also said this is a myth.

So Bearing This in mind, i am in NO WAY resposnible if you happen to damage your wii in any way while following these instuctions, this is done entirely at your own risk.

Thank you (:

Also I Am not claiming the applications are mine, they are the work of team twizzer's
UltimateDIY5 years ago
well, if you were smart you would just get the wii media player
sk83r225 years ago
Lol smart. Put the disclaimer in the BACK of the instructable. That makes sense. =]
Well, if you were smart you'd read the whole thing before trying it, get off your high horse.
Or, if you were smarter than that, you would've done what every other company in the history of ANYTHING had done and put the disclaimer at the beginning. Also, I'm on no high horse. The internet just takes any plain old comment and turns it into a cruel and incendiary insult that absolutely must be corrected by fine, upstanding gentlemen such as yourself.
(Sarcastic) Oh, ha ha, nice sarcasm.