Introduction: Use a DSL With WiFi Router As a LAN Router

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I needed a cheap and easy way to have a WiFi LAN. I buyed a old tcom speedport w500 DSL modem with wifi router for 2.5 Euro. This instructable is more pictures that text but it shud help you.

WARNING: YOU CANT GIVE YOUR LAPTOP INTERNET. For that you will need aditional software like a proxy server (Wingate, AnalogX Proxy Server, ...)

This works with all DSL modems with a LAN port and  WiFi support.

Step 1: Config Your LAN Settings

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In start menu -> settings -> network connections

Step 2: Browser

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Open a browser window, i use Google Chrome but it works with Internet Explorer or Firefox, Opera, Safari, ... .
Type and hit enter. Follow the steps in the order of the pictures.

Thats all.


aadkitta (author)2017-09-02

English screen shots?

blkhawk (author)2012-02-02

I bought a Belkin wireless router for US$70.00 and it is connected to my DSL modem. After I worked the settings it works like a charm. Thank you for posting. Great job!

neumanngregor (author)blkhawk2012-02-02

Im happy it helped you out. :)

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