Use a Treadmill DC Drive Motor and PWM Speed Controller for powering tools


Step 7: My Treadmill Powered Tools

Picture of My Treadmill Powered Tools
This is my Drill press converted to a mill. I got it at the junkyard for $10. It had a bad AC motor. The Crossfeed table is from Enco and the new motor is off of a treadmill also from the junkyard. The motor and belts drive it just like the original motor did. It drills and mills fine. The treadmill motor mount was identical to the original AC motor mount. I experimented with the original 2 belts but quickly got rid of the extra belt and step pulley and went with one belt. There was no need for moving belts up and down the step pulley anymore. The motor keeps good torque at all speeds.

[http://www.faireandfoundry.com//robs%20hobbies/treadmill_tools.html My Treadmill powered Mill/Drill]

(Future pics of Sewing machine mod will be here)
The machine is the 1940 style heavy duty leather machine and had its own 4 ft bench and a 50 LB friction clutch motor hooked up to a treadle. The machine and bench just would not fit in my garage. am fitting it with one of these set-ups and have tested it enough to know it will work. The foot control is off of a newer sewing machine that used an AC motor speed control circuit also utilizing a Pot. I tore out the rest of the circuit and replaced the Pot with the 10K Ohm Pot my treadmill motor speed control needed. Now I can operate the sewing machine in my living room like a normal portable machine. It has as much torque as the original clutch motor and will sew right up your arm.
gfreed3 years ago
Any photos of the sewing machine project?