Step 5: Training Your Vines -- Part I: Up the Trellis

This is the part where I wish I had done this a week or two ago.  While training one of the vines, I snapped off the growing tip.  It's not the end of the world as far as this vine is concerned as the lack of Auxins in the dominant tip will cause the vine to sprout a new one.  I used insulated copper wire to loosely tie the vines to the wire mesh.  They'll eventually hold on by themselves but for now, this works as  a good suggestion.

Try not to break stems.  They tend to be brittle in older plants.  If all the leaves aren't facing towards the sun, don't worry.  Phototropism will fix that in a few days.  Maturing fruit will need additional support if it develops on the trellis.  Fortunately since I have an existing structure behind my trellis--I can easily attach slings to support fruit.  If it develops on the roof, you win!

Funny I should find that today. Last year, my spaghetti squash decided to grow thru the hedge. It was growing fruit inside, and the neighbors walking by wanted samples. This year, I put it at a different spot, still near the hedge, and it's sneaking that way again.
I enjoyed the write up! Thank you and thanks for the sense of humor you spiced it with...
I guestimate that I could easily grow at least twice as many vines had I used an entire side of the shed rather than just two corners,
neat, but being killed by falling pumpkins could become so 2012!
Pumpkins are all potential pie. You wouldn't want to waste pie killing someone right? Therefore it goes without saying that all pumpkins ought to be given proper support. <br>
I don't know if they will cool our shed. I suppose they could if I had more than six vines, but it's not climate controlled--beyond a simple fan. If I really was going to go whole-hog on covering a shed roof with pumpkins, I'd probably use a wire structure parallel and slightly above the roof to lessen the chance of water pooling on the asphalt
this sounds like a neat idea, maybe the leaves will help shade and cool your building as well

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