Picture of Bypass school security
WARNING: I am not responsible for what you do at school with this Instructible, this is for entertainment only. I don't that responsibility for your actions!

Many of our schools block social websites such as Facebook, and Myspace, as well as many game sites, i'll educate you in the variety of different methods to possibly by pass them, and name a few websites to help you get going on your illegal activity.. There are a number of ways to try and bypass the school servers blocks.
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Step 1: Check....

Picture of Check....
Check the sites you want to get to, you don't want to have to go through all the trouble to try these options to just have the site be unblocked. If the site is blocked you may continue.

Step 2: Http Blockage

HTTPS is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol and a network security protocol. Most websites use the http:// format to load sites, but you can try typing https:// format, this creates a secure encrypted internet connection between you and the website, but your school must be stupid to not block this. All you have to do is type "https://www.example.com" (notice the s in https://) the browser you use won't do it automatically, you must type it in your self. You don't need any additional software, all you need it a website and your fingers. If this doesn't work try the next steps.

Step 3: Ip address

An IP address is the numerical version of a websites written address form. All you must do is find the ip of the desired website. You can find this out by using the command prompt (pc only) or you can use a website that will find the IP address.
For example : youtube =

Websites you can try:

Using the command prompt: Its all here!

Step 4: Tunneling

Tunneling takes your original address and changes it to look like a safe website that can be viewable. The legit reason to use it is to transfer important information over a unsecured network. I bet the u.s. government uses tunneling. You can use websites to tunnel your information, or you may be able to use your web browser to try it.
Websites to try:
tinyurl.com (more of a mask)

You can try and set your web browser to tunnel, but I have no clue how. I heard it may be possible.

Step 5: Proxy Power!!!

Picture of Proxy Power!!!
The final step is you can try a proxy server to access a website. A proxy fools the security into thinking you want a different website or request (full explanation here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_servers ) The problem i have had using a proxy is it can't enable java script, and adobe flash player. So this mean you can't use youtube, or view somethings, I have reason to believe that its the computer my school uses, but i'm not 100% sure.
Websites available:

These are just a few I found, you can use stumble upon to find the server you want.

Step 6: Words of advise....

There are a few steps you may want to take to take to keep the airways open(i.e. internet)

1. delete history: delete your computers history, or private data when ever you are done, my school account has an auto deleting feature to keep them out of my business,

2. Alternate servers: Use different websites/ servers to keep them from zeroing in on your proxy's and other means of cracking the system. Using 2-3 different servers a week is a good idea to keep the schools network engineers from finding out that you know the power of the internet to attack!

3. Make sure no one knows you use these tricks, you don't want to go bragging you can get on any site you want and have someone overhear and go tell a teacher, remember 'keep your friend close and your enemy's closer"

4. Keep an eye out: You don't want a teacher to see you type in Mspace in a proxy and have it go to Myspace. You wan to do your browsing secretly.

5. Friends only: Make sure if you must tell your friends about the tricks, make sure they won't rat you out for your tom foolery. I have a friend who would rat me out if he knew, so he doesn't know.

Step 7: Go forth and serf!

Now you know the tricks to go and crack the system and browse at your hearts whims. REMEMBER: I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO AT SCHOOL, OR WITH THESE TRICKS. THESE ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT!!!
noahw6 years ago
Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!
noahw6 years ago
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
deck03073 years ago
how do u use the ip adress to get to a website and dumb it down a bit
dude i cannot get any of these to work. i tried to tunnel but i guess i just dont know how this stuff works. tried the proxies but the blocker senses the "web based proxy" i need help !
The easiest way for me to get a website to work at school is to make a bat file only because they usually block cmd. Open notpad and type "command.com" withoute quotes. Save as. Change text file to all files. and type in a name with .bat instead of .txt save it. open it. it should be a bat file and open up a command prompt. type ping "website" For example if i wanted to go to myspace i would do "ping myspace" and it would ping it. Get the IP adress to enter to your adress bar (url) and tadah
cmd is blocked in general
@creekalani But bat/cmd files run in cmd too! Not command.COM. Try this: Start >> RUN >> COMMAND.COM That should launch cmd prompt
Run is blocked
The school blocks everything on port 80 such as youtube proxy servers and games
It lets me on the website (youtube) but doesn't let me view videos, in the video box it sais an error occured try again later
theyodj4454 years ago
anybody know how to bypass the iprism st. bbrenard? it's really ticking me off not being able to get on www.jeux2moto.com. they blocked it right when i was doing my final race >:( plz help!
roboman015 years ago
Do you happen to know any way to block the "screen-viewing" programs? My school has installed them, so they could spy on what we do in class...(I think it had something to do with the fact that we loaded Halo on all of the computers).
HOW? (how did you load halo onta all the computers)
We found a portable version that someone had, and put it on a flash drive.
Then, we passed the flash drive around class, so everyone could copy it to their personal flash drives, then load it on the class computers.
HAHAHA! totaly funny lol.
you might want to try disconnecting from the school internets, and find an alternate source. like, an internet connect card from the cell networks- mine came free with a contract.
toogers toogers5 years ago
i'm not responsible if you get in trouble for this.

jas3305 years ago
good but it sucks me and my friends know a lot bout computores so we are always bieng watched cause we know how to do this and do it to friends
qwerty295 years ago
At my school all you need to do is search (game title) .swf to get games, it's great.
elel3026 years ago
Some sites don't support HTTPS.
almost all dont support https
yes that does work. and it is not your computers it happens at mine to . but the problems with proxys is that the school can still trace what you have been going to. sorry buddy but its the truth.
calipber5 years ago
This is a good way to get around filters, the only problem is at my school in cali they stripped so much of the fun stuff off, like creekalani said they blocked CMD from him, same with mine, but thats an easy fix like he stated, my problem is im trying to use the http-tunnel, but that requires configuring your IE or firefox, my school admins locked the comps from being able to access the tools from the IE bar. anyways have a way around that one?
shabaki6 years ago
i found out about the ip trick first but my school ended up blocking it to
theK!d6 years ago
when i use the ip adress, it goes to the site but the videos on the site (youtube) dont work... is there any other videosite just as good as youtube? also thanks for ip adress thing
Funk_D6 years ago
You can also use Ultra Surf.

it was designed to get past the Chinese firewall system so people in china could experience the "American" websites that advocate freedom of speech or something. Point is, it works for school systems too. :D
tdsr936 years ago
My school has banned websites/pages with the word "proxy" on it. I haven't tried the other steps (https, tunneling etc.) but in case they don't work, do you know how I can still use a proxy?
Kalessin tdsr936 years ago
Your best bet would be to set up your own - you can find instructions for adding a web server to your computer and CGI scripts for proxies elsewhere on the internet - and use dynamic DNS so that you can always get to it. This way you can edit the page so that it doesn't have the word "proxy" in it, and you also have control over the address. Alternatively, take a look at tunneling a connection over SSH - gets a bit technical sometimes though.

If you decide to set up a server with dynamic DNS (you need DDNS so that you don't have to remember your external IP which is probably dynamic and therefore keeps changing) you can get free DDNS from http://dyndns.org.