Use a Floor Brush to Organise Your Desk


Introduction: Use a Floor Brush to Organise Your Desk

When you work, it's important to be organized. You don't want to spend time looking for an eraser or a particular pen.  There’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting an idea while looking for a damn pencil. What could be better than a brume to keep your desk clean? To draw design concepts, I use those fat markers called TRIA and I have a lot of different colors. This little trick keeps them close and visible at all time while I'm sketching.

The idea is simple : Get a brush (10$-15$), unscrew the head and put your stuff in it. It works incredibly well. Notes, CDs, ruler... almost everything fits.
Keep the wooden stick for later... we'll find something to do with it.



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    Smart and roomy for lots of stuff! I always have broken brooms and worn out scrub brushes - so you've definitely inspired me.

    Now....can you find a use for the bottom of cheap one dollar store angled broom bottoms?

    Brilliant idea!